By: TJ Carpenter, Head of Client and Creative Services, Catapult

According to one facebook executive’s prediction, all of facebook will be video by 2021 (Quartz), which makes 2020 extremely important for publishers and brands. Catapult Founder and Head of Client and Creative Services TJ Carpenter discussed why this is a good thing for publishers and brands in the future.


It may concern many that Facebook executives are discussing what may be the biggest “pivot to video” yet, even though publishers and brands alike are still struggling to monetize the social media presence they have, let alone prepare for full immersion in video as a strategy that makes money instead of being a primary loss-leader for many.

For the prepared and initiated this is good news! For those who still find that monetizing video on social is a major lift, which includes lots of required upfront investment and zero valuable assistance from platforms, this sounds like publisher armageddon. Platforms have made it somewhat easier for publishers… but a full pivot to video will put a major dent in the revenue streams many companies currently rely on to keep their social media strategies operational.

The creation, tracking, and management of social video campaigns is an extremely difficult lift without some utility and organization. But, there’s a very good reason to be happy about video’s emergence as THE primary communication tool over the written word, still frame images, and podcasts: It is the best vehicle for carrying sponsorship and brand messaging in human history.

The question is not whether or not video is good for your business – beit publisher or brand – the question is whether or not you are prepared to take advantage of this opportunity.

If you are anxious about these changes, set up a meeting with Catapult and we will show you why you have numerous reasons to be optimistic about the future of video on social and why Catapult is the best option to turn a loss leader into a revenue leader. Video is the future of social media, which means it is essential to your marketing and advertising plans.

Set yourself up for success and use Catapult to build your brand on video today.